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Symbols of Luck & Protection

Coming from someone who is not religious, you may think it is odd to hear from me about talismans or amulets and such things. But bear with me.

I find that for many of us our jewellery is often something we wear with a feeling of connection and comfort: our favourite ring that we wear every day, the pair of earrings that always make us feel fabulous. But I think jewellery often goes beyond that. There are pieces that we like to touch, or fiddle with, that make us feel protected and that are symbolic of a thought or idea of being taken care of.

A lovely Kuka-me customer, who loves her Cuzco hand earrings, suggested that this just might be the perfect time to let you know about some pieces that could fill that function. So here they are – at a time when hope and a feeling of safety are things we all need in our lives.

ADINKRA Stud Earrings

(L) Creativity: The sterling silver “Creativity” (Ananse Ntontan) drop earrings are represented by a spider’s web symbolising creativity, innovation and wisdom. 
(R) Transformation: The sterling silver “Transformation” (Sesa) stud earrings have the “morning star” at the centre representing a new start, and an outer wheel symbolising independent movement.

WISDOM Chain Pendants

Beauty: The Comb (Duafe) is traditionally used by Ashanti women and symbolizes the more abstract qualities associated with femininity; love, care and inner beauty. 
Adaptability: The “Adaptability” crocodile charm (Denk) represents the animal’s ability to live on both water and land and is symbolic of a person’s ability to mould to ever-changing surroundings.
Mini Harmony: This tiny pendant reminds us that we all need to try keep harmony in our lives. A little dot of silver at the base of your throat where your pulse is. 



Small Polo Ring: Running along the band of this sweet silver ring are the inspirational words “The present is a gift”, whilst the silver polo is engraved with the key words “history”, “mystery”, “gift”.
Six Rings: This silver ring looks incredibly impressive and comprises two of each of the three WISDOM sayings. A wonderfully tactile ring, you will be reminded of the message it conveys every time you wear it.
Single Ring: Ideal for gifting, or as a present to yourself, these individual silver rings are available inscribed for the past, present or future.

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